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Achieve rapid and sustainable growth through digital marketing

Getting a Competitive Edge is a race we help you lead


of customers research a company online before making a purchase. Having a strong online presence is paramount in this day and age.


of businesses believe a website is their most important digital tool. That’s why we design mobile-first websites.


of businesses mentioned finding new customers is their main concern. Achieve sustainable growth via our acquisition campaigns.


of business revenue comes from Google and other search engines. To rank high, you need a savvy combination of content and technology.

Get a website built to increase brand reputation and attract more clients

At BRND6IX, we work closely with our clients to understand their goal and needs. We also seize each opportunity to guide them with best practices and tactics to achieve their growth objectives.

Our services offer fresh, clean and modern website designs that reflect your brand. They are also optimized to grow your business, by attracting and retaining prospects.

Hi! I’m Yannick, welcome to BRND6IX

Founded in 2016 after gaining years of experience in digital and growth marketing in Europe and Canada, BRND6IX’s vision is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses with their marketing strategy and tactics.

Because each client, each project is unique and requires specific skills, we bring you experts (email, social media, graphic design, translation, etc.) to match relevant skills and project’s requirements so we can guarantee the best value.

Our team takes pride in delivering outstanding services and exceeding expectations. Challenging the status quo is what gets us out of bed – and we love it!

Look what we made just for You! Get a free guide on GROWTH TACTICS

We get it. Being an entrepreneur or running a small business requires skills and will – we’re talking about real hustlers here!
We have no doubt you have that go-getter mentality running through your veins. It’s for the other part that our help comes in handy as helping businesses grow is our bread and butter.

And we know how busy your days can look like, so instead of getting you on the phone, we’ve developed the Hustle Guide for entrepreneurs and SMEs with seven proven ways to achieve rapid growth for your business.

The catch? Well, it’s completely free, with no obligation or commitment. All we need is your email address so we can shoot you an email with this guide. Sounds fair?

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